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House of plénitudes

15th—17th November 2016

This november, Dom Pérignon will open it's most engaging experience to date

Tervuren, Brabant Flamand, 3080 Belgium

A unique house where each space is another step of Dom Pérignon’s evolution.
The so called plénitudes.

First plénitude
Result of 9 years of elaboration: intense, vibrant, precise

Second plénitude
A result of 15 years of elaboration: complete, rythmic, tactile

Guests are invited to experience a journey to discover how dom perignon transforms through time to reach different windows of expression.

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Immerse yourself in a revelatory experience of Dom Pérignon

Hosted by Dom Pérignon ambassador, guests will be introduced to the style and story of this legendary champagne house through a discovery tasting.

Tasting includes exploration of

  • Dom Pérignon Vinage 2006 (1 glass)
  • Dom Pérignon P2 Vinage 1998 (1 glass)
  • Dom Pérignon Rosé Vinage 2004 (1 glass)

with assortment of refined snacks

1 hour tasting
cost 180 EUR ttc/ 2 persons

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